Walking Cure: 9 Week Walking Program

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Walking Cure: 9 Week Walking Program

The day Dr. Kim suffered a debilitating back injury marked the day he started his transformative health journey. This pain kept him off of his feet for 6 months, and worse, it led to out-of-control diabetes, hypertension, chronic stress, insomnia, and unbearable depression. Thankfully, as a board certified holistic podiatrist having written multiple health and wellness books, he had the tools he needed to overcome these plaguing conditions. In just 9 weeks he was back on his feet, feeling great and eager to share his wellness methods with the world.
Just as the title suggests, Walking Cure will help you eliminate your back pain, diabetes, hypertension, chronic stress, insomnia, and depression by simply walking. Additional benefits of the program may include significant reduction of obesity, emotional trauma and spiritual misalignment. This 9-week walking-to-wellness program will guide you to better health without the use of prescription drugs or drastic measures. With daily logs and an action guide, the informative text and interactive workbook will empower you to take control of your wellbeing. I invite you and others on this journey to wellness; let’s get healthy together and reclaim our lives one step at a time.

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