How to Stick With Your Diet and Exercise Program

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How to Stick With Your Diet and Exercise Program

New, updated edition 2017! The purpose of this book is to motivate you to start, continue, and maintain your diet and/or fitness program. As a motivational coach, Dr. Lyn has assisted people with diet, fitness and health for over two decades. She doesn’t give you a specific diet or exercise program to follow. There are plenty of those already out there, and they’re not working because people just don’t stick with them! Instead, she will solve the problem which millions of people face, which is failing to stick with it. Motivation is the key factor in the success of any change program. She gives you the best research results and proven strategies that will MOTIVATE YOU to stick with (and achieve) your diet and exercise goals. The workbook pages will assist you with the support you need. PLUS, a guided meditation that will propel you beyond belief! So let’s get started. Today!
The 5 Most Crucial Factors
The 30-Day Secret
Chapter One: The Problem
What the Experts Say
Costs to Society (and YOU)
Emotional Eating
Exercise – The Fountain of Youth
The Golden Rule of Fitness
Chapter Two: The Solution
The TTM Model for Lasting Behavior Change
The 5 Stages You Must Go Through
Proven Motivational Techniques
Chapter Three: How to Implement the TTM Model
Where Are You Now, and Where Do You Want to Go?
Why Keeping a Written Record is Mandatory
Chapter Four: Staging and the TTM Process
Chapter Five: Other Factors and Models Promoting Positive Diet and Exercise Behaviors
Use of Technology
Positivity and Attitude
Social Support
The “Plateau”
The “Yo-Yo” Effect
Dr. Oz’s Health, Diet and Fitness Tips
The Biggest Loser: 10 Weight-Loss Secrets from Alison Sweeny
Dr. Lyn’s 18 Weight Management Rules to Live By
Chapter Six: Calm Down to Slim Down
Research on Mindfulness and Weight
3 Powerful Mindfulness Exercises
9 Thoughts That Can Make You Thin
The Spiritual Cure for Overeating
The Number One, Most Motivating Factor for Regular Exercise
Chapter Seven: Guided Meditation
Appendices & Questionnaires
A: Internet Support
B: Internet Information
C: Physical Activity Assessment
D: Dietary Assessment
E: Diet and Nutrition Motivational Questionnaire
F: Exercise and Fitness Motivational Questionnaire

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